Apple just turned your ancient AirPort Express router into an AirPlay 2 wireless speaker dongle

You’ve got to hand it to Apple. Even though the company hasn’t updated its AirPort Express router since 2012, and even though it discontinued the entire AirPort line earlier this year, Apple isn’t just letting its Wi-Fi router become a doorstop. Today, Apple imbued the AirPort with a brand-new power, one that could keep it […]

Traeger grills cook barbecue too well – and that’s a crying shame

    Meat, fire and smoke, are all essential to good barbecue. Together they can combine to conjure food that’s outrageously delicious and addictive. Doing that consistently takes a lot of knowledge and practice. That said, I know of one product that makes the process much easier, and that’s a backyard cooker called the Traeger Timberline […]

Voice of concern: Smart assistants are creating new openings for hackers

More than a year ago, Amichai Shulman, an adjunct professor at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, challenged his computer science students to go toe-to-toe with the pros, asking them to find security flaws in Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant.  It didn’t take Shulman’s students long to find alarming vulnerabilities with Cortana, which can be used […]